Bright, bubbly and blissful are just a few words to describe 9 year old entrepreneur, Jade Kelly. At the age of 6, Jade launched her first business, Jade’s Journee, as a way to combat bullying. Her business specializes in statement bows and accessories for the brave girl living out loud and on purpose.. Each of her pieces are made with empowerment in mind and have uplifting words or phrases incorporated into the design.

Since launching her business Jade has been featured on news outlets such as ABC’s Good Morning Washington and more. Jade was selected as the Official Anchor of Young Mogul News powered by Raising a Mogul TV/Podcast where she hosts a weekly broadcast highlighting other amazing young moguls around the world.


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A word from Jade: Hey friends! Thank you so much for stopping by my site. I’ve been able to do some pretty amazing things but what makes me smile the hardest is simply being a friend and pouring light back into the world. Reveal the greatness in you and appreciate the gifts of others. We all experience life differently but I encourage you to embrace the journee and discover you!

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What people are saying about me

“Jade Kelly is pure magic and personality. She has the ability to light up the room with a simple smile and a story. As a Raising a Mogul Summit host, she effortlessly brought energy and passion to the entire summit experience. As the official Anchor of Young Mogul news her genuine spirit of wonder adds light and spark to a broadcast that holds the attention of devoted weekly viewers. She is a humorous storyteller, a highly intelligent thinker, and a beautiful spirit. Jade leaves her mark on everything she touches and the world is in for a treat because Jade’s journey is truly going to change the world.


Tamara Zantell

Brand Strategist & Parent Manager Coach CEO/Founder , Raising a Mogul

“Jade is an incredible young lady. Her hearts desire to make a difference in others lives through her beautiful products and positive messages, is a blessing!”

La Shaunn Spivey,

CEO, The Dream Cultivator

“Beautiful bows made by a beautiful young lady!

Kelly Spivey




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